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Homeschool Kids Want Identification

Created by mohanaa On Feb, 16 2014 with 1 Members

Homeschool Kids Want Identification Cards Too Recently a new solution has come to light to provide homeschools with an opportunity to create their own high quality plastic ID cards. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, the number of homeschoolers rose from 1.2 million in 2003 to an astounding 2.4 million in 2006. With this staggering increase in those receiving an education from home we have to wonder why people are choosing this form of education. Based on surveys, there are three primary reasons children are being trained at home instead of the government funded solution. The primary reason parents have chosen to train their kids is to incorporate religion into their curriculum. Tied closely are other parents that have decided to incorporate moral training into their courses. Both of these have been continuously removed from the education children receive when trained publicly. The third reason parents have chosen to train their own children is because the alternative is viewed as an inferior education in comparison to the education they could receive at home. When reviewing the results of the education being provided these kids are commonly testing up to thirty percent higher than publicly educated students while saving taxpayers an astounding 16 billion dollars annually. Of the many obstacles these 2.4 million face, one is being able to prove their status as homeschoolers. Most public and private schools provide both students and teachers with school ID cards; however, this leaves homeschoolers forced to find an answer on their own. There are several reasons home school program need identification cards starting with the need to prove they are not breaking the truancy laws of the country. Commonly home schooled students are not on the same schedule as publicly educated kids. Having the ability to produce a school ID card would be a simple solution, but without one it appears the kid is ditching class. Another common reason students want ID cards is to receive the numerous discounts that are available to school aged children. Even attending a movie at the local theater provides discounts to students that produce a valid school ID card. Parents that have taken on the roll of homeschool teachers have the ability to receive discounts from school supply stores as well as office supply stores if they can produce their school ID card. Since 9/11 airplane passengers are required to produce photo ID cards prior to boarding the plane. Students are required to show a photo identification card prior to taking exams such as the SATs. We could continue to review the reasons these students and teachers are in need of a solution. Some of the solutions that have been utilized include laminating paper produced from a standard laser or ink jet printer, to finding a company to provide plastic identification cards. Students or teachers can design their school ID card online as well as upload their own pictures. Orders can be made easily for even just one ID card if that is all that is needed.

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